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Abdul Kayum Arain | CEO and Trustee

Abdul Kayum Arain wears several hats. He is the owner of Al:Amin Stores  on Mill Road which is a well known local retail mini market and he is also the Chaplin of Anglia Ruskin University. A Cambridge University Chancellor finalist nominee, Mr Arain was instrumental in the purchase of Devonshire Road Church, which was than converted to a Mosque and a Islamic Community support. Abdul Kayum has been the driving force and the main Project Manager on the renovation project, which is ongoing and Insha’Alla we hope to complete in the very near future Al:Amin Stores

Mahmood Chaudhri | Trustee

Mahmood Chaudhri owns and runs Datrix Ltd, a large IT Data Centre and was instrumental in the purchase and ongoing renovation of the Mosque. Mahmood brings his business acumen and compliments Abdul Kayum in continued betterment of the Masjid and Islamic community centre Datrix Ltd

Abdul Latif Rajput | Trustee

Abdul Latif Rajput come from a Project Manager background with Phillips both in the UK and Saudi Arabia. Abdul Latif compliments the Trust through his affiliation with the elders of the community and is very much representative of them. Abdul Latif along with his wife have also run Abu Bakr Islamic school for over 20 years Abu Bakr Islamic School

Imtiaz Ahmed Din | General Secretary

Imtiaz Ahmed Din comes from an IT and Training background and has been with the Trust from the onset. Imtiaz

is responsible for all administrative duties and looks after the Islamic centre’s network, website and Social Media

There is much pleasure in serving the Ummah for the sake of Allah Subhana’Talla.